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Psychic Manipulation – Preliminaries For My Book Under my Pen Name

October 13, 2019

Psychic manipulation is a means to an end. Some psychic persons can manipulate others by psychically sending them the thoughts they need them to have. This can happen in person or at a distance, because they will say “I need you to believe, xyz,” and the brainwashed person instantly jumps into believing what was said by the abuser/manipulator. There is such thing as a narcissistic empath who can fake it indefinitely but we are not going to discuss that in this piece just yet. Psychic manipulation also involves the manipulation of a person’s energy field since thoughts create your immediate reality.

I’m trying to piece together how much this stuff works. I’m trying to make myself less vulnerable to it. Somehow, my parents are really good at brainwashing people. But then again certain halves of that relationship do not know that they are the ones being brainwashed by the dominant partner. I’m better off avoiding them completely because going to Spain is exhausting for me, I can’t bring myself to go right now as I have a stiff left knee, and a hernia, so flying would just aggravate my mental health as well as my physical health.

It is best I stay the hell away from my family in general. Why go where I am not appreciated? I need to keep myself safe. Psychic manipulation is a way to control someone else’s emotional responses by shoving empathic emotions their way, into their head, heart, and body. A person like this will sound socially pleasant all the time but really be sending subconscious barbs at the person. I have yet to wonder why “friends” put up with this stuff from their “friends,” or my family in general. I’m working on piecing together defenses. More to come on that.

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