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Why Lamictal Gives Me Good Judgment

October 14, 2019

Lamcital has given me great judgment although I used sound judgment in dumping the Ex. I feel that I get a better night’s sleep on Lamictal, which grounds me. I’m otherwise okay now because the full moon is passed, along with my mother’s birthday. I’ve gotten very good at seeing toxic people for what they are. Hell, spotting a toxic person. When someone’s words are not matched to their body language, this is the biggest sign that person is on their best behavior but not telling the truth to you. I look out for toxic behaviors way more now.

I also avoid people out of sheer:”I don’t need to deal with toxic anybody, period.” I’m not into going to Meetup right now because I’m not driving. The intestinal obstruction I had in January and February scared me to death. Going to therapy is more than enough for me as is going to the library and going grocery shopping. I’m busy looking for a part-time work from home gig that suits my schedule and can make me extra income. Yes, my friends, I’m trying. At least I show good judgment, don’t have hypersexuality, and don’t do stupid things with relationships.

I’m just anti-looking for anybody right now. I’d rather pick a guy and then some, who respects my boundaries. My friends do not call me daily, or bring me their needy bullshit. They hear me out about my boundaries. They respect it. I can’t even go to Pagan events anymore, I’m pretty much curtailing all socializing because of my hernia. Although that has actually faded back into its background where it used to be. The flu I had in December last year triggered the intestinal obstruction. But anyway, yes, I’m hiding out until I feel 100% to be social. I’m a fragile psychic person, with damage to my energy body, which is why I’m not hanging out with people right now.

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