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The Way Psychic Vampires Feed

October 10, 2019

A psychic vampire feeds on unsuspecting prey by setting them up to feel specific emotions. They like feeding on human energy. Some of them need to do this as a matter of survival. The psychic vampire goes for many different kinds of reactions they want to get out of people. They put people together who have tension between them because they like causing tension in someone. One only has to look at my own family, because the covefefe does this to me all the time. My family is very into picking on me for reactions, something I have learned to contain with my medication.

I’m trying to distance myself from any thoughts of my family. I’ve been working on healing my own aura, and I feel like staying home today because I’m really not feeling well at all. I’m feeling run down, although the usual nighttime psychic attack didn’t necessarily get to me tonight because I got enough sleep, and had enough dreams. Even if I’m a psychic, I still need my medication because I have pediatric onset schizoaffective, which means I have had schizophrenia since birth. I was deprived of medication until I was 20, when I started driving. Nobody told me I had schizoaffective until I was 18.

Psychic vampires want energy because that is all they are concerned with. There are ways of making sure they do not get what they want. A narcissistic psychic vampire is a dangerous person indeed, because they try to pick at people to get what they want. I don’t even feel I can go grocery shopping today, that’s how run down and messed up I feel. But hey, that’s why I stay home, I stay in pajamas, I wash my hair, and I try not to let my feelings get to me.

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