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What Psychic Attack Does to the Chakras

October 10, 2019

It can destroy your chakras, feed off their energy, and make you very ill. You feel low on energy, run down, and stressed. Your body temperature also drifts from hot to cold. You have to be careful what you use your energy on. Psychic attack messes up your chakras. We Earth humans are drama junkies who do not know any better. As drama junkies, we have problems when there is no drama to be addicted to. My life is pretty drama free, save my ranting about my covefefes. I try to limit my ranting to minor situations because I feel like they are draining my energy.

I’m trying to keep my head above water financially, even after getting demoted to a 2-star author on Textbroker. I’m beside myself on what to do with the money. I have a lot writing to get done that is in my head, but my hernia is manifesting as a lot of creative blockages. My knee injury was by itself, a psychic attack I sustained in yoga class. Psychic attack can make you lose your balance. That’s what happened when I pivoted my foot the wrong way. Normally I know better, but in this case, I forgot to be careful.

Psychic attack can really mess one up. It discombobulates you, makes you second-guess yourself, and can come up in the form of gaslighting, or bending reality to suit the person who is lying to you about what really happened, or what you did wrong which you didn’t necessarily do wrong. Gaslighting and abuse of any kind is a direct attack on the chakras. When I over do it, I’m psychically attacking myself, into becoming a hot mess. But tonight, I did get enough sleep, and I’m feeling somewhat better.

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