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October 17th, 2019

October 18, 2019

I almost died of Type 1 Diabetes on May 31st, 1991. I want my medical records around from this time. If anybody could help me get them, it would be greatly appreciated, in particular people who work for Stanford. I infuse these days, and I’m a brittle diabetic who is fighting like hell to get myself stable daily. I’m fighting the good fight and trying really hard to maintain my blood sugars. I don’t often talk about the fact that I was kept alive by machines at the age of 10, lying in the hospital, my spirit body was walking around observing.

Extremely high blood sugar without using insulin can be lethal very quickly, I was at Girl Scout Camp thinking I had a normal cold, but at home when I got home, I slipped into a coma. To this day, that sensation terrified me out of falling asleep. I still feel afraid to sleep sometimes, although medication helps a lot, as you readers know I also have schizophrenia. I feel scared to go to sleep from my CPTSD. I have really bad anxiety that just refuses to go away sometimes. My anxiety is truly something that I find annoying, that worries me because of its existence.

I need to put myself into mental health rehab in order to begin to survive living in Los Angeles. I have a rehabilitation facility in mind for this, called Bridges to Recovery, which is why I need this here blog to make money. Real money. I’m trying to make money as an online copywriter, trying very very hard here. My blog could also make money, but that depends on how many views I get online. I’m going to start freelancing to try to make a dent in my financial situation.

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