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What is Borderline Personality?

October 16, 2019

Borderlines suffer from fits of extreme emotion, where it is hard if you are also bipolar 1 and borderline, because then that person is a victim to their feelings. They have immense trouble controlling their emotions. I’ve been accused of having borderline but to my knowledge, borderline is something that I do not have but my mother does. She generally tends to ignore modern psychology as a science, which she feels is not worth much time to study or look into. Borderlines are impulsive about a lot of different things. They also have a history of unstable relationships in which they are the ones who pick fights.

People with borderline have trouble finishing school, maintaining stable jobs or having a health long-term relationship with a husband or wife. Borderlines do not have a positive self-image. They also face isolation, being bored, or feeling empty. They have difficulties with empathy for others and empathy for themselves. They go from intense love to hatred in 0-60. One minute they like you, the next minute they hate you. I have friends with borderline who keep their stuff under control though. They really do but that is because they are not bipolar/borderline. I believe in dumping people like that.

Borderlines do the reckless driving thing, alcohol abuse, drug abuse for others, and are into having unsafe sex. They are hostile, but also have unstable career goals, can’t plan long-term, without having many dreams of what they want in the future. Some borderlines could have schizophrenia in addition to borderline personality disorder. Drinking is a self-destructive borderline thing to do as is their suicide attempts, the way some cut themselves, or causing burns through self-harm, and do other self-destructive things. 4-9% of borderlines may be a suicide, which to me is a frightening statistic. Therapy may help reduce the impulsive self-destruct a borderline often finds themselves in.

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