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Why I Want To Move To Los Angeles

October 16, 2019

I want to move to Los Angeles because of the fabulous opportunities in film and television as well as writing. I need an AA in film and television from De Anza to achieve some graduate school standing. My transcript reflects how I have only a Bachelor’s. But hey, more school is ahead, although I’m not enrolling until I’m recovered from my knee injury, having achieved perfect diabetes. I need to make real money in order to move. I want to earn an MFA in film and television as a no-GRE graduate degree. I have to take the LSAT eventually.

I feel the weather in Los Angeles will be good for me because I will be able to stay stable in winter. I’m in San Jose until I feel good about myself. I need to get myself sterilized since I do not feel the need to maintain a relationship right now in general due to that situation. I’m a busy bee, trying to keep myself above water financially. I’ve decided that my family has to earn my trust, my money, and my considerate care. Otherwise, there is no point in just up and give them the money.

I’m a good person but I’m not that good of a person, I’m not a push over. The scary part is that they really want me to just up and give it to them. No. No. No. They have to meet various criteria and conditions before they get the money. So in which case, it will be my money, which they are not entitled to. I need to make real money by now, sorry doctors, I know you mean well by telling me to maintain my benefits. If I slept the whole night and was more stable than I am now, would you think I’m not delusional wanting to make my own money to break away from the trap my parents set?

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