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No Partying for Mr. Hernia

October 21, 2019

I decided not to go to the party that I was invited to. Going to parties full of muggles is kind of hard when you have schizoaffective, so I only party around other disabled people or other pagans. With non-pagans I have to lie a lot. I have to come up with good cover stories as to how I knew something, why my advice was dead-on, why I felt someone’s feeling, etc. I have to come up with a series of cover stories for everything. This is why I find parties and hanging out with friends rather stressful right now.

I’m staying home, staying away from toxic people, and trying to heal myself from a lot of different health problems. I need more sleep than most people because of my 22q. My family deliberately didn’t treat my mental health and sleep deprived me. I was chronically exhausted until my late twenties, back when I was a functional alcoholic. All the things I’ve done without a hernia is mind-boggling. Flying to Spain in 2014 could have made me that ill passenger. One thing is for sure that I decided never to fly with my family again, period.

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