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Dark Dawn Book 1: What’s It About

October 21, 2019

I’m still royally stuck with this book. It started off a short story I wrote in junior college for a writing class that I took back then. It was a cool story full of metaphysical things in it like visions. My main character for this book though is a psychic private investigator, a Mexican-American character with at least a college degree, who gets abducted by Grey aliens whom she does not see their faces. She also has visions put in her head about the end of the United States as known. She experiences it as if it were reality.

The first book takes place in a virtual world, because she experiences directly, rather like the Matrix, what will happen with the collapse of President Pruitt’s conservative government. The aliens put her in a world where they do attack at least one major city, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. They even strategically attack the Pentagon in an extraterrestrial 911. Not that this was planned by that government in my book because the real government I do not feel planned 911 and that’s just a whack conspiracy theory in my mind. This is only the summary of my book that I need to write out.

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