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Many Irons in the Fire

October 21, 2019

Because I have a hernia, I have to watch the use of my time, where I go, and the people I hang out with. I have to remind people that my mental health is really fragile. I have no idea whether I can get surgery on my hernia or not. So hence, I’m living in sea of paranoia and my doctor telling me to take something I can’t afford like Prilosec, well, that scares me since I’m eventually going to be able to buy it if I can so I’m stuck with the Ranitidine, which is generic Zantac.

I’m praying for work on Textbroker and trying to submit my articles to Internet websites/magazines. I’m also looking for a job online as a freelance writer, work from home, remote etc. I want a drama-free job. I mean it. I’m looking for drama-free environments. My house is. I try to keep that way with no roommate and not inviting any potential dramatic people. Drama makes me terribly ill. I have a lot to get done. I’m a busy bee. I like having many interests. I’m trying to make money here, universe, give me a break.

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