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The Dreaded Halloween Approaches

October 23, 2019

You know, this October hasn’t been as hot as it was last year, and the year before while we still had a drought. The drought ended in 2017-2018 give or take. The heat calmed down after the drought ended. This October, I’m not feeling bad, I do not have staph infections on my chin, and I actually feel rather good. Dare I say it? I feel good. October is not mean to me right now; I’m actually functional and going to therapy. So there, I have made it through October with less of the psychic delusional mental states happening. I’m trying to make peace with my talents although the tape of negativity in my head is loud when I sit on my couch.

My mother cannot feed of off my energy when I’m sitting still, so I’ve been trying to sit still more this month. I’m very careful where my time goes. The holiday slow-down has affected Textbroker. I’m going to get more income this Friday but the good news is I didn’t have to buy strips this month. On Halloween, I try to go to bed early, because daylight savings is changing to Standard Time. I look forward to getting one more hour of sleep that day.

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