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How I’m Piecing Together my Freelance Writing Career

October 23, 2019

As a freelancer, I’m piecing together my career. Or at least I’m acting like I’m trying because I’m really hell-bent on not commuting because commuting can make me so stressed. These days you can make a great living with online publishing. I just read in my freelance writing book to look into newspapers although this book was published in 2011. I’m working on establishing myself as a freelance writer, which is why I started working for Vocal Media in the first place. It was a happy accident I found Vocal Media to begin with. I have the energy to set up my freelance writing career, but not to volunteer my time.

I’m looking at freelance markets daily since Authors Publish and Freedom With Writing publish stuff all the time. I’m trying to get my work out there on the Internet as much as possible. It started with one article I wrote for Runner Click on running in extreme weather conditions, something I so cannot do right now. I’m stressing over my financial situation, in particular my credit card bill which didn’t go any higher this month due to me not stooping low enough to buy strips short of begging for extra income from the ‘rents.

I’m going to try to make 2020 the best year of my life, knee or no knee. I want to make real money. I’m not at certain points yet like sleeping the whole night, or having perfect diabetes, but that may result from having more income since my biggest paranoia inducer, stressor is not making enough money. I found that one transcription gig I’m working on the training for. I’m working on finding myself a real work from home job as a blogger, not just a ghost blogger. I may even try my hand at writing resumes for a living. But one thing’s for sure, my diabetes educator does tell me it is high time to get a job. So I will.

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