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Jobs as A Resume Writer

October 26, 2019

I’ve been researching jobs as a work from home resume writer since I got demoted to a level-2 on Textbroker despite being on an article writing roll. We are entering the holiday slow down. I will try to become a transcriptionist and resume writer instead to make myself more work from home income. The thing is, we SSI folks report our income to them when we make money during tax time. They do a review to prove you still need the income. This is why I have been working on finishing all my 2016 business plans ideas even though new ideas have cropped up.

I’m just relieved to be able to follow-through because of the medication. WriterBay, WriteZillas, and Sound Advice may be companies that hire with little experience. I have at least my Bachelor’s in creative writing to be put to good use. I’m just happy in general right now, because I have nothing to stress over. I keep my life stress and drama free, even with impending hernia surgery on the horizon. I like working from home, I guess that was the universe’s point with my knee injury. It hit to force me to work on my business plans.

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