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All My Writing Ideas for A Year

October 26, 2019

The end of this year and next year are great times to get my freelance writing career together. I have an idea to write about the evil Clark Kent for online magazines that focus on pop culture. I have endless Lois Lane articles in my head for markets like Bitch Magazine if only I learn how to send article ideas properly in the form of pitching them. I have fiction books I need to finish writing, and start writing. I have an endless, steady stream of ways my books can make money. Writing is the first work from home job, the only work from home job, and why I got my Bachelor’s to begin with.

I’m grateful I know how to stop working now, when to take breaks, and when to relax. When I was growing up, my manic family loved overworking themselves to no end with staying up late, doing too much, and after a certain point when I got stable I knew when to go to bed. With Geodon, I learned what it was like to feel very well-rested even with waking up in the middle of the night. I got my strips for the month, so all is well. I get to pick up my insulin for this month. My infusion set is working this morning without the metaphysical bending of metals to get in the way.

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