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Work 2 Future: I’m a Scanner

October 26, 2019

I am the sort of person who has many irons in the fire. Why? I have many competing interests. I like changing careers every so often, since I get bored in one field. Right now, Copywriting isn’t making me much money, so I’m switching to resume writing by signing myself up for resume writing companies to see who hires me. In so doing, I have to rewrite my resume, and make it more colorful. This is an activity I will be doing today. I trust the most as a great resource to help find jobs, in particular work from home jobs since my knee injury makes leaving the house to become a painful exercise.

Yesterday, I was pretty stiff but I managed to go to the library by hitching a ride with a neighbor. Not going to class at Work 2 Future helped my knee heal. Not every class was toxic but the last class I took was full of a bully who was deliberate about it but our teachers were innocent about her behavior. So I decided I wasn’t going to another work 2 future class again. I had to take the bus to class since I suddenly had a bad feeling about driving. I trust my psychic impressions more now, although in October I try to lead a mundane life.

Its funny my knee bent more after I quit work 2 future. I had that intestinal obstruction in January, which made going to class impossible. I quit going to Work 2 Future and my life did improve quite a bit with my knee situation. A Reiki healer said that my knee situation is caused by Zod and their doing. (My family). I believe it. My knee bends more now that I’ve learned how to kick their energies out of my system, since my stable energy is what they feed on to stay stable themselves.

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