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When will I become a billionaire, I need to work on normal income first

October 25, 2019

The concept of becoming a billionaire is something that has been in my head since junior college when I wrote up my churro shop business plan for my economics class. My churro shop will provide the world with tasty churros. But mom said that fat people will, in fact, get fatter because I decided to start a churro company? Oh hun, they can’t help being morbidly obese from medication, an eating disorder, or just the use of pure gluttony to get by. My mother and her delusional statements, she has no idea how off she sounds half the time as she doesn’t take medication.

Normal income is something that this blog could bring me. Then I will start writing posts about how I made the money. I have to make extra income this year in order to pay my blog’s monetization in January anyway. The key to winning with blogging is to get more readership. I’m low income at the moment to get my SSI, which I paid into with my own money in 2008 by working, while I was not stable with my mental health just yet.

See, in my family, they have this thing about not taking meds. Some people didn’t want me to get stable. I’ll leave it at that, but nobody in 2009 was saying, hey, get stable, you stay up until 2:00 a.m., you have hot chocolate at 8 to get this going, and you do not wake up until noon. Eventually I told myself, in 2012, hey, you need to get stable. So get stable already. Now is the time for me to make real money at something, so in which case, I’m trying to do better financially here, and I have many a book to write.

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