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Spanish Food Chain Restaurant

October 25, 2019

I want to make my culture’s food easily accessible like Chipolte has been, in the form of the first of its kind Spanish chain restaurant. My Spanish food chain restaurant is all about providing quality access to Spanish food like croquettas, Spanish potato omelet, and more. Spanish restaurants are usually stand-alone operations that are owned by one person. Spanish food can be found in the United States if you know where to look because of our greatest strength, our cultural diversity. Spanish food is something popular since there is a paella restaurant in downtown San Jose where I live.

This paella restaurant has a few different recipes, and it would be good if I checked out the competition. More on the paella restaurant idea later, but yes, I want to get into the restaurant business. We would provide Spanish empanada, and to capitalize on my Chilean half, empanadas of all kinds made in a traditional Chilean style. I would try to keep Spanish wines in stock, and since this is a chain, the food would be uniform in style. I’d go out of my way to hire experienced disabled people to work in all my companies.

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