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Lactose-Free Bakery, and Churro Shop

October 25, 2019

I wanted to start a lactose free bakery after college but I didn’t have a business plan written for that until the last three years. The churro shop is a way to capitalize off of my cultural heritage, and use it to make money. The lactose free bakery is an idea whose time has come because not everybody has access to lactose free baked goods or for that matter, sugar-free baked goods. This idea would make me plenty of money. I want to work in my own store, making my own money off of my idea.

I would work my way through my AA in film and television given that I make enough money to pay for school on my own. I would start with online classes this Winter quarter, taking an English class to refresh my school units, and business 18. Lactose free buttermilk can be made, as can using lactose free milk. I want to experiment with starting a lactose free bakery in general, since many lactose free people can have butter but not milk. We would have the “this is the only has butter section” and a pure lactose free baked goods section.

I want to have a poetry center at this churro shop, and a way for people to do open mic nights. It will also be a coffee shop. The churro shop would have gluten-free options. The lactose-free bakery is about making sure that lactose-free people have access to baked goods. It would be a chain of bakeries that I would want to establish all over the country in major cities, and a chain of churro shops. This is an idea that requires an angel investor who can be my business partner. As it is, I’m doing my best to make sure that my business ideas get out there.

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