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What is an Empath?

October 24, 2019

An empath is a type of psychic that feels emotions. A psychic reads thoughts, but an empath is exclusively about emotions. Empaths pick up on emotions, absorbing them into their own bodies if they do not have proper psychic boundaries. Cyndi Dale calls this a No-boundary syndrome, which certain people in my family have because they do not feel their abilities are real. I’ve been working on creating better, more solid psychic boundaries for myself. This means that I have to acknowledge the reality of my ability to shield. Empaths can have other psychic talent besides empathy.

They cannot always try to help people though, because this is overextending oneself and can get exhausting to deal with. An empath has to be careful with who they talk to, who they let into their lives, and who they spend time with. They have to be careful with their own energy, what they put time into, and what they get done with their day. Empaths need their alone time to recharge, which is why I tell people when I need to be alone by myself at home. I’m careful with my energy, in particular that I’m around. We are delicate.

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