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What Is Munchausen by Proxy?

October 24, 2019

Munchausen by Proxy is a really dreadful mental state that someone who is never wrong in her head will take on. I’m not going to talk about anybody in specific here, but well, you know who you are. Personal accountability is hard for the addict with Munchausen by Proxy. My family takes no interest in me personally, not my writing, not my projects, not my business plans, and they don’t bother talking to me about my ideas. Munchausen by Proxy is committed by insanely abusive individuals; from what I’ve read. They take advantage of illness. When I was out with my knee injury, I was worried about what the Covefefe would cook up.

There are far more resources available online for those of us who research Munchausen by Proxy, in 2019, as opposed to what Google offered in 2017.
As it stands now, there is nothing wrong with the left side of my rib cage. I’m stiff kneed but there’s nothing wrong with my knee either, because I can bend it under anesthesia. It works just fine when I’m out but my conscious mind is attacked by certain telepaths in my family who keep it stiff. My Reiki healer did say it was the Covefefe.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t ask for sympathy or attention when I’m ill because I’d rather hide out from others, taking care of myself. Yes, the Muncher will not see their behavior as harmful while other people may. I’m in need of hernia surgery eventually. I’m hiding this from the Covefefe because I want to make sure they don’t worry about me. I used my Spanish keyboard on my phone to type up a message to my aunt. I’m hoping to open a dialog with her about more serious situations. My family is full of treatment resistors who do not feel they need massive counseling. Nobody looks out for me when it comes to the Covefefe. This is why I can’t go to Spain right now.

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