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October 24th, 2019 – How I Almost Died of Diabetes and the Shoe Exhibit

October 24, 2019

Type 1-diabetes is perfectly preventable but see, I almost died in a hospital, which is why I’ve stayed out of them since I was 10. I want to start a shoe exhibit featuring all my bad shoes that do not fit me well, and may be dangerous to my knees to use. I haven’t thrown out my shoes yet only because I want to use it in an art exhibit I’d like to show at local galleries. It’d almost be a raise awareness of 22q exhibit. But then again it is also a protest of my lack of extra income to buy shoes, clothing, and socks.

Yes, I’m stuck trying to make my own money but I’m training right now for this one transcription gig I found. I want to be like a friend of mine who works from home generating significant income through online work. I like freelancing since it is my time, my energy, and I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck although I can live with that by now. I feel I died momentarily in the hospital but somehow revived, and the hospital kept this from my mother who was already distraught, although she has a Munchausen by Proxy diagnosis along with her untreated hot mess of personality disorders. May my family get help.

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