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Spontaneous Healing and Psychokinesis

October 27, 2019

I have spontaneously healed myself from the following health problems:

1) a boil in my mouth, inside my left cheek was there one minute and gone the next. I mean I felt a rush of heat, light, something, making it disappear. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself after that because I was shocked. I was planning treatment strategies when I felt the heat.
2) I healed cuts on my arm that I had gotten from trying and failing to fix my fence whose nails were bent. I had cut up my arm but then the blood just vanished. I had long put this in the category of fictional bullshit. There is a reason I live by myself and that’s so no roommate needs to deal with my schizophrenia.
3) Although I think I will try to get another psychic as a roommate but one who isn’t anti-western medicine as many are. The third incident was cutting myself on my razor, which had fallen apart. Inside was really moldy, wet, and gross, so I bought a new one. But anyway, the cuts on my thumb, on the bottom of my thumb, stopped bleeding, remarkably when I said, “stop bleeding.”

I have no rational explanation for these events, take it or leave it. As I’m a skeptic, I find I have trouble with the fact this happened, but you see I’m a gifted psychic who takes a scientific approach. I also cut myself on my cane but that cut today is sealed. It was last Tuesday I believe. I heal very quickly for a type 1 diabetic, presumably because I’m in control of it. I try my best to be in control of my diabetes for starters, but when cuts just vanish, I’m wondering wtf am I doing? Is that even possible? I need help from some psychic who understands I also have schizophrenia and my symptoms must be kept in control with medications.

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