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How to Calculate Your Reading Speed

October 27, 2019

I took a speed-reading class at Foothill College when I was around 12, and I learned that I could read fast. In order to calculate reading speed, or to read fast in general, you use your index finger to read through things quickly. There are now reading speed calculators on the Internet. You calculate your reading speed by estimating the number of words on a page, and then counting the number of words in two lines, while then diving by two. 37 words in two lines means that the words per line is 18.5. You then count the number of lines on a page, 50 X 18.5 will equal 925 words on one page. You read a page, and count the seconds it takes you to read it. You then keep track of how long it takes you to read a page, if it takes you 4:30 seconds to read, then you divide 925 by 270 seconds or X 60, which is 205.5 WPM. You can measure your own reading speed, and I plan on trying this activity if I find the time, as I’m a busy person, who likes reading and libraries since I go to the library quite often. I’m trying to shove knowledge into my head.

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