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Why Does the Veil Between the Worlds Get Thinner at this time of Year?

October 28, 2019

This happens at this time of year like clockwork. It means that the veil is more fragile at this time of year than at any other point throughout the year. My psychic stuff gets louder but this year it actually is not as loud as one may think. I’m trying to go to bed at 8 this month because I want to make sure I get enough sleep. I’m waking up at five until daylight savings transitions to Standard Time. Everybody gets messed up from the seasonal changes that are also happening at this time of year, even if we live in California.

Winter is settling down in October, because November is the end of fall but not quite the beginning of Winter yet. These days, I enjoy being grounded every day because of my medication. I try not to do anything psychic this time of year since that causes me stress. I have worked on my psychic shields this month quite a bit. On Halloween, the veil draws back momentarily, allowing us to sense the dead. Earlier this morning, I had the lid of a juice bottle I’m using to keep my water in fall off. So I asked out loud if that was my recently passed Uncle trying to get my attention. I have been able to stand this time of year in the present, only because we are not dealing with excruciating heat from the drought in California.

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