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What The Thinning Veil Does to My Mental Health

October 28, 2019

My mental health is delicate at this time of year. I won’t say fragile. I will say that I have to be careful. Now that my parents live in Spain, I’m able to say that I want to make sure that my health stays good. That means I know to take my medication every day so as to guarantee me being stable. I have discovered a red pimple on my chin, which means I need to use my Mucipin for it. I also have to do my afternoon basal rates today given that my insulin pump is still working.

I will get around to it today after I walk to the pharmacy to get my insulin. My mental health has been great this month because I’ve been getting enough sleep in October for once. I’m trying to focus on dealing with my financial situation more than dealing with the thinning veil between the worlds. But anyway, a basal rate test is more important than the thinning veil at this point. If I expect to continue my work on the insulin pump, I’m going to have to do my basal rates, which is why I have Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday as potential days to get the test done, although I’m wondering how I will feel after I go to Lucky.

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