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Job Search and How that Is Going

October 28, 2019

My current job search is all about writing jobs. My degree is in writing. Work 2 Future helped me straighten out my goals. I also have 26 business plans done as of 10/28/19 because I have finished my last business plan, small feet/large feet. This business plan is all about shoes because people have trouble finding size 5 or below. Then again some with unique feet struggle to find a 5 to 11. It depends on the person’s unique qualities. My next business plan I started working on is the Bay Area anger room business plan, which I envision as a non-profit.

My job search is going, and I’m trying to find more work from home online opportunities besides Textbroker, which I use on a regular basis. I’m trying to generate steady income here, within the formal SSI limits. My net worth I have realized is $12,000 since 2000. I am now mentally organized enough to make more money from home. I did get up like at 5:00 a.m. today. So in which case, I’m ready for a real work from home job give or take my knee is still stiff, although I’m working very had to heal it and myself.

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