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Otherworldly Influences in My Life

October 29, 2019

There have been otherworldly influences on me since I was a child and by that I mean both spirits and star people. I had an encounter I cannot explain that I do not want to talk about too much but I’ll say it had to do with the military and the aliens who rescued us. I was an innocent child. It is way too difficult to talk about out in the open, which is why I will say only that I’m a failed Milab because of my health problems. They wanted me as a psychic but didn’t realize that I’d develop type 1-diabetes at 10. This is why I have stayed living with my family for so long, I had thought that having my own place was too risky.

My psychic talent is set up a certain way. That could be of interest to certain people if I learn psychic surgery. That is rare to find although some are out there. I’ve read a whole book on psychic surgery by now. They exist, the real ones, they are just hard to find. I have extreme difficulty talking about my encounter to anybody because I wonder if that’s a real memory in my head or what. Dad and I were hiking, we got lost, we were gone for hours. We come back, as if we lost time. Family friends make jokes about alien encounters, but as I learned on 8/10/10, it is not a joke. Okay that’s all I feel comfortable remarking on.

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