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How to Find a Job as a Resume Writer Online

October 29, 2019

In order to become a certified resume writer, one must get a certification first. I’ve been looking into this besides the transcription training I’m going to be working on this week, to get a resume writing certificate and a job in writing resumes. As it so happens, Work 2 Future did not feel a need to edit my resume only because that resume is fine, and I happened to write it myself. An English major ought to be writing their own resume anyhow, any writer in any field where writing is required should be able to do this. The National Resume Writer’s Association provides a way to get certification.

You do this by signing up for their $175 NRWA membership, a $75 Writing Sample Review, and $250 exam registration. You may be able to get continuing education credits for this, because certification is valid for up to three years, as writers have to maintain a continuous membership. The test is a two-part series, half a timed proofreader test, and the act of actually writing a resume and cover letter with the information about a fictional candidate that is provided in the actual test. There is a study guide you can download. I’d go for it save the fact that I need to pay for this entire ordeal myself. See:

No help from family there. They have money they could have helped me out with, but see-that was 5 years ago. I reported it, deposited it, and went to see a psychic with it, something I rarely do. This is merely a way I have of looking into my options. Certification does not come cheap though, I found some rather expensive programs that are not worth repeating here. I have miles to go before I sleep in since it is October. Fiverr can be a place to market your resume writer skills.

You can join the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, It’s a $150 membership, and a $250 course. Sigh, it isn’t cheap. I may err on finding work experience that can help me pay for a membership. Or maybe I’ll just fire up my Fiverr account.

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