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Submitting My Writing

October 30, 2019

I’ve been working hard to submit my writing, and in particular with my vocal media work. Vocal Media gets me a byline, and so does Deliberate Magazine. Now, I’m looking for ways of freelancing or finding more online work. I am now in the process of writing down all my ideas for next year, and I think I may have to put together my fan fiction ideas too. The freelance writing folder on my USB drive has folders on various topics in it. Remember, I have a background in anthropology at the A.A. level from Foothill College years ago. Creative writing is pretty much average compared to my anthropology with honors. I took online classes for that to happen.

My newest novella attempt is The Land of True Blood, which is a huge story metaphor, and an assignment taken from Cyndi Dale’s book, Energetic Boundaries, as I’m trying to heal myself by writing that story. I’ve also found this assignment in Beverly Engel books. So I’m going to try writing it, and turning it into something that can get published. I think I could make extra income that would last me months, I have to go report it when I make it, during tax time.

Yes, I feel it is time for me to make money, real money, but my doctor says to maintain my benefits. Well, I could sell those business plans, although I do need hernia surgery eventually. I’m working on many different projects, in particular books that could be used to make a profit. I have to pay my formatter though. She is formatting the book. I’ve decided to use my pen name to publish books of a psychic nature. That pen name is there so my family does not learn I did such a thing as publish my book.

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