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Freelancing Advice

October 30, 2019

If you want to submit your work, you get rejected if the magazine does not feel that the piece is adequate for their publication. If you want to get published somewhere, take the time to read, really read the publication in question just to figure out how to put your article together. Cracked is easy to write for since I’ve read it a lot over the years. Try to make sure your work will be a fit for the magazine. Adapt to them; tailor the piece to their needs. Pitches have to be brief, and they also have to make sense.

Nobody will buy a piece that is not pitched well. Adapting your work to the magazine is necessary if you want to get published. Publishing work on a regular basis means that you will have visibility. A byline refers to your name being put on the story itself. Getting work out there involves doing research about the publication, to see if your article will fit in. That is really all that is required. I regret not taking the business of creative writing at San Francisco State, since that would have been useful to my work quite a bit.

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