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How to Find Writing and Transcription Jobs

October 30, 2019

Some applications will not get accepted, but others might. I have tried many a work from home job board. Flexjobs never yielded much for me except one company I won’t name but that had a lot of drama. I try to keep my life drama free since that causes me stress, and agitation. The website “Real Ways to Earn Money” is very helpful to me as is Indeed, and probably Linkedin on a minor level. Transcription jobs abound online, and today I have to practice my training for one such job, as those jobs are easy to get anyway.

As much as I have a very sweet doctor, I think it is high time I made money, work from home sort of money. Real income. It is possible to make money from home. There is such thing as a PASS plan, and working on all my business ideas that are on my USB drive. I will eventually wind up making money, so I’ve learned to relax about that, taking it all on faith. Without faith, you get nowhere. If I’m going to be a motivational speaker, I have come to realize what I’m missing in my approach to life.

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