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What is Dia De Los Muertos?

November 1, 2019

The Spanish and the Chileans do not necessarily practice Dia De Los Muertos, but it is strictly a Latino holiday so since I seem like I’m Mexican to some people, I am pagan enough to integrate Dia De Los Muertos. According to this website,, Dia De Los Muertos starts with honoring deceased children the first day at midnight on November 1st, when deceased children are reunited with their families. Dia De Los Difuntos is a follow-up holiday about the adults, at midnight on November 2nd. Dia de Los Difuntos is about adult-situations using tequila, pan de muerto, and other traditional fare I don’t know much about since I’m not Mexican.

Spirits of all the dead, or Dia De Los Muertos is the culmination of this three-day holiday. You go to the graveyard to decorate grave sites with marigold flowers, presents for the dead, and sugar skulls. The tradition also involves cleaning the gravestone in order to restore its color. Altars have room for food since you share a meal with the departed loved one. Day of the dead is not a somber holiday even we view death as a difficult life passage. Day of the Dead is a worldwide holiday, not just a Mexican holiday that really, anybody can celebrate.

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