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Blog: November 3rd, 2019, WTF Bezos?

November 3, 2019

Okay, Jeff Bezos, just because you got up in the face of Whole Foods and cut health insurance benefits for part-time workers, that has pissed me off. I have business ideas, endless ideas that I am struggling to put for in a business plan given time constraints and a goal to finish the entire business plan by December 31st, 2019, the end of the year. I’m trying to get through my 2016-2018 businesses ideas list. I want to hire people at my companies part-time, and give them benefits. It is simply barbaric not to. A 20% store discount is not good enough in my mind. Have you ever considered that some people have to work part-time due to many constraints in their lives.

CEOs strike me as unkind people, which is why I want to become one rather than work for one. I screen the people I work with very carefully. In particular, there was one interview that didn’t sit well with me because she was emotionally forceful. This is why employees go on strike, Jeff Bezos, when they are fed up with the working conditions. Sheesh, you would at least be kind enough to let them keep their part-time benefits.

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