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PG&E: What Can We Do To Prevent the Blackouts We Had to Deal With in October

November 3, 2019

PG&E’s power shut off event didn’t scathe my neighborhood at all, for some reason. According to this article I found from CNBC,, 179,000 customers were without power because of a huge wildfire threat. There were power outages to 308,000 in Southern California. State regulators and customers are scrutinizing PG&E, which is the largest Utility in the State of California. The problem is that California is a very dry state, which puts us in danger of all sorts of wildfires happening. I do not know the extent of the devastation.

Yes, they are trying to upgrade the system. I’m lucky my power was not cut off. I would have to put insulin in water if that had happened, since that is one way to keep it cool. The first black out was October 9th to the 12th, because the fires had been started by electrical equipment. So the answer is then to bury power lines under the ground. Our power outages have affected the State of California’s economy when schools and businesses are forced to close. PG&E is not doing too well financially either.

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