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The Time Has Come

November 3, 2019

For me to get an actual job, a work from home job with benefits. But see, it hit me at the credit union that I need to ask my therapist to talk to my doctor before I make an appointment to see her. I’m feeling way better compared to the way I felt from having an intestinal obstruction in January-February, now that was painful. Seeing as I’m doing way better than I was back then, I’m feeling well enough to look for work. I had to quit work 2 future from September on, and then I started therapy in October as my knee was bending more because of therapy. Work 2 Future was stalling my healing time. I’m a very sensitive person, to negative energy in particular, so I try to avoid negative people when I can. Being around somebody with ill will could make me very sick. But yeah, hey, it is time for me to get a real job.

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