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How to Banish Entities

November 4, 2019

Banishing malevolent entities can happen if you show strong will towards kicking them out of your house or apartment. In my Advanced Banishing class on an Internet educational platform for pagans, I have been learning about how to banish spirits such as my deceased Spanish grandma who haunts me, eager for major resolution in my family. I have had to tell dead grandma I know you do not mean me harm or anybody else in this house. Your time on the earth plane is at an end, because you have caused many problems, you no longer exist in a physical body and this means it is time for you to move on. Use of pine incense and rosemary was included in my paper.

Banishing entities, whether malevolent or not is necessary for your physical as well as psychic body health. You cannot just let an entity stay put. You have to banish it for your own wellbeing or you will live at its mercy. Being constantly possessed because you have bad psychic boundaries is never a good idea either. Spirits occasionally need to cross over. They feel warm when they do crossover and I feel calm. In the end, spirits that do not cross over are troublemakers best avoided.

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