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What business plan comes next?

November 4, 2019

My next business plan is a product, and this product will be a healing bag or packet of some sort that has seeds in it, is sewn, and can be put in the microwave. It is made of wheat in grains, linseed grains, cinnamon sticks, mint leaf, and anise. Although because of my mint allergy, I do not need to use mint leaf in it. My cousin just up and gave me this business idea, which I can sell at a mall kiosk given I’m stable enough to do that, as well as sell my artwork. This business idea is something I need to pay a seamstress for, but with what money. So this means this blog has to make me real money eventually, which hopefully will not all go towards medical bills? My knee injury was a fluke that happened in yoga class one day when I didn’t have anything else -health-related going on. It sucked. This was the most ER I’ve seen in like 26 years when I blew my knee out. But anyway, the heat packs are next since I could mass-produce them using cloth bought at Savers or Joanne Fabrics.

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