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How do You Become A Parapsychologist?

November 5, 2019

Gee, hm, I suppose I need a Bachelor’s of Science degree, which is why I’ve wanted to study psychology at the Bachelor’s level besides the Master’s level. Although I need an AA in film and television first, since I’m going to be around a long time. I have stayed away from school though because I’m trying to get my head back together. I need a Ph.D. anyway, so if I get an MD I’m good to go. First I go to UCLA, getting my MFA in creative writing, with a few film classes, and a minor in journalism. I mean I need to make the money first, and then sign up for an online English class at De Anza since I will need to finish an IGETC transfer course. I have put off getting my Foothill College transcript for a while now. I need to see how many times I failed algebra.

My sense of inadequacy is what drives me to get more degrees, and learn new skills. I mean if I had healthy self-esteem from my family of origin, I wouldn’t necessarily overwork myself too much like I have been doing. I could easily enroll in online psychology courses, never setting foot inside a classroom. I could wait until I move to Los Angeles. Or I could do the crazy and enroll in two programs at once, my AA in film and television and an AA in psychology, at Foothill College, all earned online. But first thing’s first, I’m going to have to sell business plans, make money off this blog, or get a job, a real job, I’m the sort of person who overloads herself, I’m trying not to. My power of attorney has the responsibility to tell me if I’m overdoing something.

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