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What Would I use my Ph.D. in Psychology for? And Why Do I Academically Overload Myself?

November 5, 2019

My Ph.D. would serve to help other psychics who do not know how to control it. I would also be helping Muggles with paranormal anything as a private investigator who takes things on a psychic bent. This is why I need to get my degree in psychology, but not in the order you may think. From 38-40 I’m getting my A.A. in film and television so that I can have graduate school standing, and then 40-43, law school, followed up by an MBA at 43-45. After that, I need a Bachelor’s in anthropology/archaeology, and a Master’s in archaeology.

After that, I’m getting my Psychology Master’s degree. I may have to work and go to school. I overload myself because I feel inadequate. I feel like I have to prove I’m smart. My dad treated me badly because I have 22q, a mild genetic disability. I was born with a heart condition called patent ductus arteriosus, which means that my blood was flowing the wrong way. I wasn’t born blue but I was born pink, and I wasn’t born early, but I was born at the right time.

I overload myself because I feel guilty if I don’t. I feel insane guilt for not being overloaded, stressed, and overdoing. This is why I attend a 12-step group, only because I feel that I’m going to try to get over my inadequacy and how bad I feel about myself. I cannot overload myself. One degree may be more than enough. I want to study some film, so I can work as a television producer in Los Angeles. Yes, I have got to stop being addicted to school because I feel bad. Overload is bad, and makes me very sick.

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