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The Science Lab for Psychics

November 5, 2019

This is a business plan for a medical clinic that is geared towards people who are psychic or interested in natural healing, as a general way of going about healing. Many do not trust medical doctors but they will trust me because of my skill set. I’m highest in claircognizance, which is having random insights about stuff, feelings, intuitions, and premonitions. You get ideas at the top of your head, and you pretty much get them while relaxing. Psychics do not get medical care easily because they have trouble saying they need help. They are also afraid of medication.

I’m trying to give them access to good medical care. I also want to set up a science lab for people who need to prove their abilities. I’d set up controlled experiments much like I’m going to do soon with my PK. I need to type up the rough draft of field notes that I put together. But anyway, yes, I want to help my own kind, since they are a stubborn lot. I know that I’d be respected in Mt. Shasta, as well as in Sedona, AZ. My own kind live there, and both are New Age centers.

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