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My real Life: Cross Between Quantum Leap and Starseed

November 7, 2019

I have come to determine that my old soul comes from the future, at least a piece of me does, hence my wild ideas for inventions which may simply be my mental illness talking, which is why as I have educated you, I need my mediation and I have insulin. Oh does my use of insulin disappoint you? Fiction helps us starseed figure this stuff out. Yes, I may have to eventually write books with my real name but there is a reason I keep my pen name separate from my real name.

Quantum Leap is about a time traveler who leaps into different bodies. Travelers is about people downloading consciousness into one body, taking it over, pretending to be the host, and then making the hosts’ life better. I’m trying to watch everything I used to watch on TV that got interrupted from my family demanding I do schoolwork. I’m taking advantage of my current lifestyle. My hernia is not going anywhere for a while, so I have to take it easy and I’m excused from going anywhere on a long vacation. Anyway, a starseed is someone who feels their soul didn’t come from being indigenous to planet Earth just so we are clear.

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