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My Demography Organized Business Idea

November 6, 2019

Google has made a mess of trying to organize demographic information. When I try to find data on a specific American sub culture, I don’t always find what I need. I mean sure, we have the United States Census website which is a .gov, and we have universities that collect data. But has anybody ever tried to start a website dedicated to the compiling of data and paying people for it? That’s pretty much my idea in a nutshell. I want to create an Internet website for people who want to submit links to demographic information. It’d be like 0.05 cents per link.

The Internet is still terribly disorganized. We need to do something to make it more organized. My business plan for Demography Organized states that we have to at least plan to keep the information organized somehow. My company may be pioneering an effort to document statistical data on demographic information found online but I’m not sure because I rarely share this idea with anybody much less entrepreneur Meetup groups. Demographic data is truly scattered all over the Internet. I’m telling you, we need a way to keep it organized. It is necessary to begin to try to do this.

My entire business idea is designed for remote work, because the entire company would be working remotely, even me. This website would have features that allow people world wide to submit links. I would start this business with the intention of selling it completely to someone who can run it, with me working as a Webmaster? I’m not quite sure how this stuff will work yet, but it is quite the possibility. The company could be sold to make a profit, to another owner who could pay me a lump sum for the idea itself.

The company vision is to pay our link searchers with the title of Information Organizer, who would be able to work from home as long as you have a computer. Anyway, these are the online jobs I have to go for right now because I have a Mac but not every company wants to know this Mac is from 2008-2009, and is relatively old, albeit functional since it needs a system upgrade as well as a Chrome upgrade and I have no idea how to do this myself, although given time I could figure it out. I will have to call Clickaway, a local computer repair company for this one.

My company wants to offer a form of work-life balance for all types of employees since this type of job could be done with someone’s spare time. Using Google straight up to find demographic information is a hassle. It is not very organized right now, period. If I were to look up the search term, “How many women in the United States have a Bachelor’s?” I would find a company called The, states that over a third of American adults have a four-year college degree. My website is a search engine for demographic information of all kinds. 33.4 percent of Americans 25 or older have a college degree.

That statistic took me a while to find since I was using what I thought was Google which turned into a disorganized link to Yahoo. Google itself is slightly more organized. But you see, the Internet is a machine. A huge machine. The Internet is a gigantic, gargantuan machine. The Internet is huge. It will keep growing. The actual size of it is mind-boggling to process. We have to endeavor to keep our own invention organized. Going to the library that has statistical search engines, is confusing at best.

The task of keeping the Internet organized is a hard one. My direct competition is, a website offering instant access to demographic, business and residential data. The plan is to sell my business idea to Google or dare I say it, this is a stretch, to Yahoo. Yahoo will eventually be bought out by the behemoth Google. It is only a matter of time. This is why I’m advocating using Google because on my computer, Chrome is slow to load anything Yahoo–related. With this website idea, the product is mean to organize demographic information only because a service is being offered, getting paid to help organize statistical data.

A website can have a world-wide reach when you market it to others. One huge piece of business knowledge that is missing for me is marketing and advertising. I know how to write copy from working for Textbroker. By now I can write copy in my sleep. My idea involves organizing the Internet because in my business plan I comment on how the Internet is fundamentally disorganized. We’ve invented it, given it life, and given it structure and form. Now it is up to us to figure out a way to tame it.

The Internet is the next frontier for this coming decade of the 21st century. My idea requires a web designer, and a Vice President who helps me piece things together. I need someone who can help me work on this idea, keep it organized, and keep it together. Demographic websites that try are The Internet is a terribly disorganized behemoth that we have to start taming before it gets out of control. Gael is a collection of a database within a database. Libraries use Gale because of how it offers a gateway to access information. I’m asking myself the question though, what counts as organized data found online?

To analyze my idea more thoroughly, we have to start by talking about the intentions behind the design of the Internet. The Internet was envisioned as a type of network with global reach, with the idea that anybody can access information, when linking to the server attached to another computer where the information is housed. You can also communicate with people around the world using email, which is also called electronic mail. When you say a computer is online, it means that the computer is connected to the larger Internet. The web is made up of different websites that you can access through the Internet, because it is made up of related text, imagery, and other resources. Servers house websites that you visit, and they work a lot like your computer’s hard drive.

But anyway, the Internet needs to be more organized. The bottom-line is that we will continue to get bigger, and bigger. What happens if we get too big? What happens if an Electro-Magnetic Pulse shuts everything down for a while, killing other people’s livelihood gathering options? We can’t risk that happening.

The Internet is a thing, it exists with many a tentacle. It has a global reach. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a way to collect economic statistics. The FedStats lets you access statistics provided by government agencies. Current Population Statistics is from the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. County Business Patterns is from the source. The Social Security Administration Office of Policy becomes yet another source of statistical data. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service has annual immigration statistics from 1994-1998, with historical data available from as far back as 1820-1996 but there was no link on this website for this data.

The White House Briefing Room has economic and demographic information from various government agencies while the Vital Statistics of the United States is on the National Center for Health Statistics site, which you can search by keyword. Granted some sites for data are no longer available. Have a peek at the link yourself, reader. You see that what I’m saying might have some value after all. We need to keep the Internet better organized. The Internet has been designed to be about data, the ability to access it, store it, and warehouse it on servers.

Surfing the Internet leads to a page upon another page. These days, writing articles for the Internet is an easy career to break into, anybody can. You can break into freelance writing, freelance copywriting, and more. You can make money doing various things for the Internet. We live in the era of work-from-home jobs with benefits. This helps many a person with chronic illness. It helps people tremendously because they have access to income that is unprecedented, particularly those who are home bound. You have the option to keep your disability a secret from the company.

Blogging is also a part of the Internet Evolution because blogging can help one make significant income, when blogging is done daily, more than one time a day. Making money off of blogging is easy too because it depends on the amount of readers you get. Your readership makes or breaks your blog situation. You can generate significant income in the thousands to the ten thousands from blogging alone. The Internet is good for the economy of any country. My idea to organize the Internet is one whose time has come, and I had to wait years to get it out of my head.

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