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What I’ve Been Learning From Ancient Aliens

November 7, 2019

I’ve learned something really shocking. That they tried to wipe us out in the 12th century with bubonic plague, which was an illness already found on earth. In the 12th century, limited health technology was available. We did the best we could with herbal remedies. This plague nearly wiped us out. Bubonic plague ended in 1351. The bubonic plague ended in the 14th century, having been spread by fleas. This made me think that if it was a deliberate attempt to lower the population by the visitors watching our planet, then fine, they succeeded. They occasionally do stuff to us so that the population gets whittled down. I’m not sure if they have good intentions or bad intentions. It is confusing because if you think critically about this stuff, not every alien is a good guy.

  1. Hi Iria,
    The bubonic plague was caused by poor sanitation, not aliens. The plague was spread by rats carrying fleas. Once people started to do something about rats and harmful insects, people began to make inroads against this disease. Advances in medicine and sanitation helped greatly, and still do!

    • iriavp permalink

      Well, I know you are a disbeliever, but watch Ancient Aliens Season 3, Episode 7, the episode on bubonic plague. Yes, I recall reading that it was also spread by rats and fleas. You are right that sanitation was not as good as we have it now. The theory Ancient Aliens is putting out there is that the pathogen itself that invented the plague was made by aliens. Remember, that viruses themselves could be considered a lifeform that may or may not be indigenous to our planet, much like a new animal from another region of the world gets introduced to an existing ecosystem, causing damage. Yes, I watch Ancient Aliens sparingly because that show can piss me off on occasion, which makes me just livid.

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