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What is Rapid Cycling?

November 8, 2019

I felt terrible last night while sitting on my couch hearing the voice calling me a retard over and over again, sounding like everybody who had ever bullied me. The voices get loud. I wonder if it is just a schizophrenia thing or something that has a psychic component and a schizoaffective component. I did wake up in the middle of the night tonight and slept-ate candy. I took chamomile tea to get myself back to sleep. I think I managed 11 hours because I woke up at 5 even if my alarm is set to 6.

Rapid cycling simply means that you change mood modes, from depression to mania, and back again. I’m fortunate I found the right medications going on my gut instinct. Saphris made me feel weird, weak and paranoid. But then when I saw a psychiatrist that mentioned Geodon, I felt way better. I mean my jaw unclenched. Lately I’ve noticed that my jaw clenches when my blood sugar is high or going up. I get very tense, stressed, and just clench my jaw. I realize my jaw is hurting from this habit, because I’m grinding my teeth, and that may be a bipolar 1 thing. I love my medication to death I tell you.

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