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What is Mania?

November 8, 2019

Mania is a heightened state of euphoria that comes over bipolar people when their brain decides to give them mania, which can be triggered by seasonal changes, stress, and just plain what your brain does to you when you have a bipolar 1 or 2 diagnosis. Bipolar 1s are more prone to mania than bipolar 2s. Manic people talk a lot, have racing thoughts, cannot quiet their brain down, and in general are hyperactive, trying to get too much done in one day.

Drinking alcohol does not necessarily help a manic person calm down, as it can make it worse. Medication works by tempering the mania with a chemical that arrests the chemicals that the inside of your head releases into your blood stream. You can tell someone is manic by looking at his or her bright, wide, and big eyes. Mania though, can turn into an “I’m being really mean” scenario because people get mean manic or happy manic. There is no in between. Mean mania is why my family picks fights with me. They like acting out their mania. Its why I stay away from them because they say really hurtful things while manic, which is really the illness not their true soul.

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