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Why Do Rapid Cyclers Need Their Medication?

November 8, 2019

It keeps them on a constantly even keel although right now I have tried to cry, but I can’t cry. I live by myself so nobody sees my pain on any level. I can’t stand being in pain around a person, since I prefer suffering alone. Rapid Cyclers need their medication because they have fast mood changes. A medication can keep them stable, living a life free of mania. Mania is not healthy for bipolars, because it can cause brain damage, stress, and make a person addicted to their own manic high. Mania is not healthy, that’s the bottom-line, because it also fraks with your relationships when you say mean things, and then you get depressed when you realize what you did to hurt people.

Rapid cycling is tamed only by medication, not by medical marijuana. The THC dose not help at all. I’ve known people who use the medical marijuana on it but it doesn’t work very well. The noise is confined to your head when you are schizoaffective, in addition to being bipolar. To not have treatment for my mental health as a child, treatment that my family could have afforded, just gets me depressed sometimes. I feel depressed about stuff like that. I’m low-income and I’m trying to keep my head above water.

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