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What is the Past Life Martial Arts Knowledge Floating Around in My Head?

November 9, 2019

I have sudden spells of seeing a martial arts move in my head, wondering how I learned it, since it was floating around in my head anyway? I remember many past life martial arts moves. For some reason, I can size someone up and be like, okay, how do we hit them, knock them over, and push ‘em around? I took a Qigong class years ago, way back in the Dark Ages, specifically in 2005, from a Dr. Chow. I learned how to use chi to push someone twice my size. It has been very useful in my life. A certain someone I used to date had the nerve to get schizoaffective, putting his heavy leg on my messed up left leg, and I pushed it off. He then put his heavy arm on my arm, and I also pushed that off. I dumped him for many reasons, this was one. Chi gets me to the supermarket and back.

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