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Bodyguard Business

November 9, 2019

I have an idea for people who truly respect the mentally ill or disabled, to walk around as a bodyguard for the disabled person who is walking around in a city. If they need to go out, but feel paranoid, the disabled person has a bodyguard who understands their illness. I will have to hire such a person if I do wind up moving to Los Angeles. The bodyguard business comes from a time long ago, when I was waiting for the bus at school, but having vicious panic attacks from drinking too much caffeine in a desperate bid to try to stay awake. I had two guys decide to help me, since eventually after that harrowing experience I decided to get back on the medication. Their names were Santiago and Evantris, a Greek guy and a black guy. I got this idea from them, for helping me. I wish I could get back in touch with Evantris who lives in Greece.

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