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The Instruction Manual in My Head

November 10, 2019

I have an innate knowledge of everything psychic, so much so that I’m going to write a fictional story featuring many psychics, an unfair and abusive situation, and I’m going to make it science fantasy cross-genre. Fact and fiction intersect often enough. Sometimes fictional bullshit is fictional bullshit, because when it comes to my instruction manual, I have full-blown instructions in there on each psychic talent. It’s like a book, a literal book inside my head. I also have a book on psychic shields. The Arcturians gave me the book, and I know how to use it by now since my medication keeps me calm enough not to freak out about my talents.

Yes, my talents scare me. My fictional book on Amazon turns out not to be as fictional as I had original thought. It is too embarrassing to talk about in public, due to the Ex and family, some who do not respect my religious beliefs. This is why I’m contemplating starting a blog with my stage name. But anyway, starseed is as starseed does. I only hang out with the normal ones who know about the way this planet works and can work with it. I need to turn the manual into a chapbook or pamphlet to hand to Western medicine folks, and my neighbors or any potential power of attorney besides.

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