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What Is A Starseed? Which Types Can I Stand To Be Around?

November 10, 2019

A Star person is an individual that could also be called an indigo child, who believes they originated as Star Visitors, even though they arrived on Earth through being born into a normal human body. This is a New Age belief system that I do not necessarily believe, but that I know I am one. Native Americans coined the term star person, since this belief was taken from their culture. The Star Person who comes into a human body suffers from memory loss, almost like the kind Quantum Leap portrays with the actor Scott Bakula. Some Star People can have telepathy with Star Visitors. Star Visitor is more or less a politically correct term for those who come from another planet.

We are being watched right now. Some Star People have memories of life on other worlds. My writing contains many Star People themes. It confuses me that my fiction may not be necessarily that fictional. As a science fiction writer I can embrace my eccentricity, give or take. Other Starseed who are not grounded in the real world, as in, work and make money or blog and make money, are the sorts of people who make me crazy. Remember, I really do have schizoaffective, and need my medication.

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